Walker Patriarch

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Walker Patriarch
Walker Patriarch.png
Base Health: 70,000
Speed: Medium
Armor: 20

Description[edit | edit source]

The Walker Patriarch is arguably the most dangerous boss enemy. When it enters the stage, the map will indicate its location with a large skull. It has a large weakpoint, indicated by the red hue, on its front. It attacks by punching for a single-target hit or smashing the ground for an area hit. Unlike all other enemies, the Walker Patriarch will actively destroy tower bases on its path to the core. While somewhat difficult to do, if provoked, it will chase the player. The player will be sent flying a very large distance if hit by its attacks, similar to the Hoverer's shockwave attack.

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

Tower Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • It is wise to ensure that the Walker Patriarch does not go anywhere near a tower. Otherwise, the tower is almost guaranteed to be destroyed.
  • The AR-Mine Dispenser can be very helpful against the Walker Patriarch due to the immense damage of each mine. Furthermore, the mines can be placed anywhere, so the Walker Patriarch does not have to go anywhere near a tower to be damaged. To ensure that the mine will detonate on the Walker Patriarch, place the mine on top of a tower base. In this way, no other enemy can set it off, and the Walker Patriarch will detonate the mine when it destroys the tower base.
  • Rocket, Violator, and other reasonably-ranged towers paired with the Range Spire can also be very effective against it. Shorter-ranged towers such as the ACP, Gatling, and Lightning towers are likely to be smashed before they can do any significant amount of damage, and Drone towers will usually only be able to dispense the drones once before the tower is destroyed. Focus and Range Spire towers, on the other hand, have produced very favorable results.

Player Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • The player should place priority on taking down the Walker Patriarch before other enemies. If left unattended, the Walker Patriarch could end up ruining the player's maze by destroying the barriers. This allows other enemies a shorter path to the core.
  • Attacking the Walker Patriarch enough will earn its attention. It displays this by chasing the player instead of destroying more tower bases. It is highly recommended to lead it as far away from the maze as possible. Daring players may choose to lead it into a mine-topped tower base to trigger the trap.
  • Its slam attack, which destroys towers in a very large area, is triggered by player proximity, i.e., it will not be used if there are no players nearby. If the Walker Patriarch is near important towers, it is best for the player to maintain some distance away from it.
  • As he often creates shortcuts in your mazes, smaller, faster enemies are likely to stream past him. Should this happen, the player should use weapons or perks that damage enemies in an area to stem the tide, such as the Ballista's secondary fire or the Electrical Outburst perk.
  • Kiting the Patriarch can be tricky. If the player moves too far the boss will lose interest and return to its maze-smashing behavior, even if the player is constantly shooting it, and it can be dangerous as a single punch from the Patriarch can easily send any player out of bounds, killing them instantly.

Appearances[edit | edit source]