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  • The last 3 towers you have built deal 30% more damage.

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Building any number of support towers after the three most recently built damage dealing towers doesn't remove the perk's damage bonus from the latter.
  • However, if anyone deconstructs one of the three damage dealing towers, there will remain only two towers that keep benefitting from the perk. In that case you have to build another damage dealing tower to raise the total number of your towers affected by the perk back from 2 to 3.
  • This perk doesn't affect (increase) the damage bonus added by an Amp Spire. However, this perk does increase the damage bonus from overcharging any of the three towers. In other words, it multiplies by 1.30 towers' own damage, including the part of the damage added by overcharging, but doesn't multiply the damage added by an Amp Spire, which is calculated on the towers' own damage independenlty of this perk.