The End

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The End.png
Map Name
The End
Region Stage Number
Swamp << 4 - 4 >>
Starting Resources Resources per Wave Total Resources
6000 - 6000
Tower Bases in Field Starting Tower Bases Total Tower Bases
0 50 50

Description[edit | edit source]

The End is the fourth level in the Swamp world, and the final level of Sanctum 2 prior to the DLCs. It's a level with a single, but very long, wave where all types of lumes fought in the core game, including bosses, will attempt to destroy the map's core.

One player, the first to spawn in the map, will be given 50 tower bases to build a maze and each player will be given 6000 resources to build towers.

Order of appearance of bosses[edit | edit source]

Behind the lume spawn The Titan can be seen raising every now and then, he will make a loud noise and most of times this signalizes when a boss is about to appear.

  1. Hoverer Queen
  2. Walker Patriarch
  3. Super Heavy
  4. Walker Patriarch AND Hoverer Queen
  5. Super Heavy

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Skye Autumn #1[edit | edit source]

5 Feats of Strength - 0 damage to Core


As usual, you benefit from Skye's stacking damage in conjunction with Drone Launcher + Tactical Juxtaposition.


  1. Drone Launcher: Very much needed armour-penetration.
  2. Sniper Rifle: For taking out the Bobble Head, which your Towers can't hurt. And for high DPS against the Walker Patriarch.


  1. AMP Spire: Build a single spire. Find a nice place to maximize # of Focus Towers covered.
  2. Focus: Build maze in rows. Only build them within range of the single AMP Spire.
  3. Anti-Air: Build a single one of these, as close to the enemy as possible, so your other towers won't be distracted by Spitflies.


  1. Tactical Juxtaposition: Makes the Drone Launcher over-powered.
  2. Slowing Rounds: Slows down enemies by 20% to keep them in the Focus zone.
  3. Long Range Superiority: More damage the farther you are from an enemy. Up to 50% more.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

There is only a single wave. A long, long wave. But you can split it into 6 segments, one per boss.

Starting Resources

  • 6000 Resources
  • 50 Tower Bases

Building Strategy

  • Try to cluster a large battery of towers around a single AMP and Range spire if you have them.
  • In particular, range-boosted ACP and focus towers are extremely potent when the range spire is heavily overcharged
  • Do not place your towers on the forefront of your maze, but similarly don't place them right at the back. Too far forward and the Patriarchs and Super Heavies will destroy them, too far back and you won't be able to stop those bosses demolishing your maze.

First Wave[edit | edit source]


4 x Armoured Heavy ? x Spitfly ? x Screamer Matriarch ? x Walker Warrior 1 x Hoverer Queen

Combat Strategy

Second Wave[edit | edit source]


? x ? x Bobble Head ? x Hoverer ? x Screamer Matriarch 1 x Walker Patriarch

Combat Strategy

Third Wave[edit | edit source]


? x ? 1 x Super Heavy

Combat Strategy

  • Try to distract the Boss, but be sure to approach it from a direction so that it won't blast your maze/towers.

Fourth Wave[edit | edit source]


? x ? 1 x Hoverer Queen

Combat Strategy

  • Nothing special.

Fifth Wave[edit | edit source]


? x ? 1 x Walker Patriarch

Combat Strategy

Sixth Wave[edit | edit source]


? x ? 1 x Super Heavy

Combat Strategy

  • By this time, there's no other enemy left except for this big guy. Finish it.