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Ballista DPS[edit source]

Hey ho,

am I wrong or is the damage/second incorrect?

While the damage a single arrow makes is tripled if fully loaded, the time you take to charge it is 4 times the time you would need to fire one arrow.

  • Emptying the clip without charging makes 6 * 990dmg in 3 seconds = 1.980 dps
  • Emptying the clip fully charged makes 6 * 2.970dmg in 12 seconds = 1.485 dps

If the numbers are correct and reloading time does not count into the quasion, for you usually swich weapons while reloading, charging the gun in mode 1 is not good.

Did I miss something? Greetings, B.

Addition: Secondary mode is the same for normal damage. And both charged versions fail at weakpoint damage, especially secondary firemode, making a difference of 1.000 dmg per second.

2nd addition: Secondary mode is inferior to primary.

The DPS listed refers to the maximum possible for the weapon, which is indeed 1980, as portrayed by your calculation. Reload times are somewhat irrelevant due to the ability to reload a weapon while it is switched out. Yes, a fully-charged shot would deal less overall DPS than simply firing off each shot as fast as possible. However, the purpose of the charge shot is not for DPS, which is for medium-to-high health enemies quickly, but rather for taking down low-to-medium health enemies instantaneously. For example, a couple fully charged Ballista shot, with the right perks, should be able to kill Hoverers at full health. Landing two shots should be relatively easier than landing 6 shots, which is the amount of uncharged shots needed to deal the same damage. Think of the charge shot as an option for those specific types of enemies, rather than choosing to only use one firing method. The Ballista can be quite a versatile weapon when used as such.
So, to answer the initial question, the current numbers are correct.Gongfuren (talk) 02:24, 15 October 2013 (UTC)