Tactical Juxtaposition

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Tactical Juxtaposition
Tactical Juxtaposition.png
  • Unlocked at Rank 11.

  • Slow Weapons:
    • Doubled firing rate. (200%)
    • Doubled magazine size. (200%)
    • Base damage 0.6x its original strength. (60%)
  • Fast Weapons:
    • Halved firing rate. (50%)
    • Halved magazine size. (50%)
    • Base damage 2.5x its original strength. (250%)

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This perk must be used in accordance to other two in order to unlock the following achievements:
    • Sniper Skye: Finish a map playing Skye Autumn with Tactical Juxtaposition, Marksman, and Steady Aim.
    • MLG noscope maximum skill: Finish a map playing SiMo with Tactical Juxtaposition, Rymdskor and Trickster.