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Name: Charlotte Wray
Age: -
Height: -
Weight: -
Blood Type: -
Duty: Rogue Insurgent
Primary Weapon: Ballista

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • The final shot in a magazine deals significantly more damage. This damage modifier is equivalent to 0.25 times the magazine size.
  • TSYGAN moves faster than other characters.

Biography[edit | edit source]

She was born in Brightholme and lives there. TSYGAN is her nickname, and it represents not only Charlotte Wray herself, but also her ideas, and her fight and her gang (which she calls "the rats of Brightholme"). A terrorist for many, a hero for some, and a leader for few; she is the face, the voice, and the head of the revolution against the Bright Foundation. She collects information about everything related to the foundation (Lumes, Elysion One, Core Guardians, etc.), and broadcasts it.

She met Haigen when she was 19 years old, and quickly trusted him. They created and worked together as "TSYGAN", hacking and denouncing the Bright Foundation, until Haigen left for Elysion One, leaving Charlotte as TSYGAN alone. Haigen still sent her information, however.

When Haigen left her for Elysion One, she was infuriated because she had fallen in love with him—she never told him—and she couldn't follow him into Elysion One. But she didn't hesitate to leave her shelter when Haigen sent her the message, "They Say You Gain Advantage Now, Hunt Evoked Luminescent Protector." ("TSYGAN, HELP").

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • TSYGAN's damage ability allows her to excel when dealing with single targets, including heavies and bosses. The last shot in a magazine of her primary weapon, the Ballista, results in an almost unrivaled amount of damage when fully charged. The same ability used in conjunction with a fully-charged Shotgun shot results in possibly the highest damage output in a single shot of any gun in the game.
  • The ETK-Tesla Prototype's alternate fire is treated as if it has a magazine size of 3, gaining a 75% bonus on the last shot.
  • The Sniper Rifle's alternate fire has a magazine size of 2, gaining a 50% bonus.
  • The Gatling Laser's alternate fire has a magazine size of 2 if fully charged each shot, gaining a 50% bonus.
  • Using the perk Head Start will enable TSYGAN to do immense amounts of damage if used correctly as her first and last shots will receive massive damage bonus.

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