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Slowing Rounds

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Slowing Rounds
Slowing Rounds.png
  • Description

- Enemies damaged by you are slowed by 20% for 2.5 seconds.

- Does not stack with itself or other slowing effects.

  • Tactics

- Any Characters, Weapons, or Perks that allow you to do additional damage over time indirectly increases the duration of 1 Slowing Round shot.

- Sweet's Passive Ability 'Incendiary Rounds' grants additional 24% weapon damage bonus over 6 seconds, thus indirectly increasing the duration of 1 Slowing Round shot to 8.5 seconds.

- Sub Mini-Gun's secondary fire, Ballista's secondary fire, Gatling Laser's primary fire, Circle Saw's secondary fire, Drone Launcher's primary fire synergize well with Slowing Rounds.

- Electrical Outburst, Desperate Measures, Biological Warfare synergize well with Slowing Rounds.