Slow Field Dispenser

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Slow Field Dispenser
Slow Field Dispenser (Sanctum 2).png
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Total Cost 120 290 500
Fields Dispensed 1 2 3
Slow Effect 14.0% 28.7% 43.4%
Field Range 0.6 0.8 1.1

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Slow Field Dispenser is only available to those with the Road to Elysion DLC.
  • This tower is similar in function to the AR-Mine Dispenser, in that it dispenses objects that function similarly to mines. However, unlike mines, these field generators create hemispherical fields around themselves. Enemies and players within these fields move and attack at a slower rate. Also, while the AR-Mine Dispenser generates new mines on each new build phase, the Slow Field Dispenser only generates fields when built or upgraded up to a maximum of 3.
  • If a dispenser is deleted, all fields that it had generated would also be deleted. This means that it is impossible to hoard a large amount of slow fields from a single dispenser.
  • The slow fields are much more potent than the ones generated by the Kairos. However, unlike these slow fields, the ones generated by the Kairos do not affect the player.
  • Overcharging the dispenser only increases field radius. A Range Spire placed close to the dispenser also increases the field radius.
  • Some players find it useful to place the slow field mines on top of the walls so the radius of the mine will affect 2 paths of lumes. Note that this is only advised when your slow field mines have a large enough radius.
  • If overcharged enough, the fields actually expand downwards as well, even though ths is not visibily obvious.
  • The slow field works well if placed close to the core and used in conjunction with the perk Shocking Revelation as enemies will attack slower, thus causing less damage to the core until the perk recharges.
  • (slow-field) mines can we carried on top of your head sometimes. Look up to the sky and deploy them. Unfortunately they do not always stick on your head and fall through. This strategy pairs well with the perk Khronos Device. Seems to work more often joining networked games, and less often with the perk.
  • Bumping into ceilings etc while doing this can cause the (slow)mine to shift location to a point where you can't reach it yourself anymore.