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Primary Fire Secondary Fire
Damage 1200 300 * 6
Shots per Second 1.0 5.0
Magazine Size 3 3
Damage per Second 1200 per enemy 9000 per enemy
Sustained Fire Time
3.0 1.5
Weakspot Modifier 0.30 0.30

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

  • The primary fire launches a rocket that explodes on impact. The explosion deals damage according to the distance of the target from the center of the explosion.

Secondary Fire[edit | edit source]

  • The secondary fire locks on to up to 3 targets (based on how many shots it was charged with) and fires rockets that split into 6 homing missiles, each in a radial pattern. The missiles then seek their target and detonate upon impact. Due to the nature of the missiles, it is best to aim upwards when launching the rockets to prevent the subsequent missiles from exploding uselessly on obstacles en route, as they will find their targets regardless but now with a clearer path.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Rex is the primary weapon of Sweet Autumn.
  • This weapon is unlocked at rank 20 for all characters to use as a secondary weapon.
  • The primary fire causes significant recoil, pushing the player backwards. Shooting while in mid-air increases the distance you are pushed. When backpedaling away from enemies, you can escape quickly by jumping and shooting while in mid-air. However be careful not to throw yourself in a pit or in harm's way.
  • It is possible to rocket jump using the primary fire by simultaneously jumping and firing at the ground. Placing Battle Rifle's timed explosives beneath yourself will result in an even higher jump. The Tactical Juxtaposition perk will allow you to use even more grenades to jump even higher.
  • The secondary fire's homing missiles are extremely useful in targeting targets like Spitflies that are otherwise difficult to hit with the primary fire due to its inaccuracy.
  • Keep in mind that each of the secondary's rockets count as separate hits. Thus, armor has a stronger diminishing effect against the secondary than the primary. So while the secondary's gross damage per target is higher than the primary, the net damage equalizes at 120 target armor. This means that against soft-armor enemies like Heavies and Bliskeblaskes, the primary fire is significantly less affected by the armor than the secondary. On the other hand, the secondary fire becomes far more effective at inflating Soakers, and can benefit more from effects like Hollowpoint Rounds or Skye's passive.
  • The secondary fire will split into small other projectiles, but needs space, thus firing it in enclosed areas is not recommended as most of it will be lost before it reaches the target.
  • If the rocket of the secondary fire hit an ennemy before splitting, it will explode and does less damage than the primary fire rocket, and in a smaller area. The rocket won't split either, so the 6 homing missiles won't appear (they used to, but they don't anymore).
  • While the secondary fire appears to do a lot more damage, bear in mind that the blast area for the primary fire is much larger overall and much easier to control, making it much easier to aim at large crowds.