Plasma Rifle

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Plasma Rifle
Plasma Rifle.png
Primary Fire Secondary Fire
Damage 765 ( 500 or 2000 ) + 20 * ( 1 to 33 ticks )
Shots per Second 2.0 1.3
Magazine Size 10 4
Damage per Second 1530 1547 or 3547
Sustained Fire Time
5.0 5.3
Weakspot Modifier 1.00 0.10

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

  • The primary fire shoots a single, accurate shot that deals above-average weakspot damage.

Secondary Fire[edit | edit source]

  • The secondary fire shoots a slow-moving ball that deals 20 damage every 0.3 to any enemy within 1.34 grid squares. Additionally, it will explode on contact, damaging all enemies within 2 grid squares. The ball has a lifetime of 10 seconds if it does not make contact with anything.
  • If the ball is shot before making contact with anything, it will explode in place and deal 4 times the damage to all enemies within 2 grid squares.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The secondary fire can deal massive damage to crowds of lumes if used correctly. Especially useful if the player's maze has the Slow Field Dispenser to help clutch lumes together.
  • There is no quantity limit to the number of secondary-fire plasma balls. The only limit to the number of plasma balls a player can have out is the durations of the balls themselves.
  • The spheres shot by the secondary fire will explode at the slightest contact with anything-- including another sphere, thus players using this weapons with Tactical Juxtaposition should avoid shooting and walking forward as they'll almost always explode before expected.
  • Skye can quickly rack up stacks to increase her damage if using the secondary fire correctly aiming the plasma balls right above the enemy instead of directly against them. This won't work on armored enemies as their defenses will deny the plasma ball's trail of electricity damage.
    • Likewise Sweet can use the same maneuver against Soakers causing extremely fast damage resulting in their weakspot to puff up to maximum size almost instantly. If you plan to do this, do not use the Headache perk as it will detonate the orbs automatically.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Plasma Rifle functions near-identically to the Shock Rifle in the Unreal Tournament series of games.
  • The Plasma Rifle is the weapon used by the SiMo units summoned with the Roboticist perk. Since SiMo is an advanced SiMo unit, and that the Plasma Rifle has a scope and an accuracy similar to SiMo's Sniper Rifle, the Plasma Rifle is assumed to be a more generic version of the Sniper Rifle.