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Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • New perks are unlocked at certain ranks.
  • New perk slots are unlocked at ranks 4, 8, and 12, giving a maximum total of 3 perk slots.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Base Game Perks
Perk Level Description
Hollowpoint Rounds.png
Hollowpoint Rounds
4 One in every 3 hits deal 100% of weapon damage as bonus damage.
Static Discharge.png
Static Discharge
4 Adds a lightning bounce to your shot that deals 50% of weapon damage to another close enemy.

0.25 seconds cooldown.
Resilient Core.png
Resilient Core
5 Heals the core for 10.0% of its max health after each wave.
Unstable Core.png
Unstable Core
5 Deals 2000 damage to any enemy hitting the core.
6 Increases weakspot damage by 45%.
Hip Fire.png
Hip Fire
6 Increases weapon damage by 40%.

Disables weakspot hits.
Corpse Explosion.png
Corpse Explosion
7 When you kill an enemy it explodes. The damage dealt is 25% of its base health.
7 Instant respawn.

Increases damage by 25% for 15 seconds after respawning.
8 Movement speed is increased by 25%

Gives you the ability to double jump.
Plumber Shoes.png
Plumber Shoes
8 You deal 4000 damage to enemies you land on.

Increases air control.
9 Electrical bolts hit enemies close to you for 666 damage once every second.
Against All Odds.png
Against All Odds
10 Your weapon damage is boosted by 10% for each close enemy.

Stacks up to 6 times.
Adrenaline Rush.png
Adrenaline Rush
10 Damaging an enemy gives you a 5% movement speed boost for 7.5 seconds.

Stacks up to 60 times.
Tactical Juxtaposition.png
Tactical Juxtaposition
11 Slow weapons
200% fire rate.
200% ammo.
60% damage.
Fast weapons
50% fire rate.
50% ammo.
250% damage.
Shocking Revelation.png
Shocking Revelation
12 When the core is damaged it releases a shockwave that stuns enemies in a huge area for 3 seconds.

10 seconds cooldown.
Exposure Rounds.png
Exposure Rounds
12 Your shots make enemies take 15% more damage from all sources for 5 seconds.
Slowing Presence.png
Slowing Presence
13 Enemies close to you are slowed by 25%
14 All towers near you gain a 25% damage increase.
Penetrator Rounds.png
Penetrator Rounds
15 Penetrates the target on weakspot hit dealing 200% damage to an enemy behind.
Slowing Rounds.png
Slowing Rounds
16 Slows the target by 20% on hit.

Lasts 2.5 seconds.
Consuming Rage.png
Consuming Rage
17 Increases damage when closer to death.

Maximum 50% damage bonus.
Core-Tower Synergy.png
Core-Tower Synergy
17 Towers do 0.6% more damage per percent of core HP that was lost during previous wave.
Long Range Specialization.png
Long Range Specialization
18 Explosion size is increased the longer your projectiles travel. Maximum 100% explosion size.

Accuracy is increased by 50%
19 Towers do 30% more damage to enemies that you have recently attacked.

Lasts 4.5 seconds.
Core Guardian.png
Core Guardian
20 Increases damage when closer to the core.

The bonus gets bigger the closer you are.

Maximum 50% damage bonus.
DLC Perks
Perk Level Description
Road to Elysion
G-2 Companion.png
G-2 Companion
21 Haigen’s hobby project G-2 is a little companion that follows you faithfully and helps you fight stuff.
21 Gives you the ability to dodge by double-tapping in the direction you want.
Increases damage done by 10%.
22 The last 3 towers you built deals 30% more damage.
Electrical Outburst.png
Electrical Outburst
23 Deals 1000 damage in an area around enemy when you damage it. Enemies that take damage from this will take additional damage over time.
Has a cooldown on 10 seconds.
Fast Hands.png
Fast Hands
24 Switching weapon while reloading gives you a 35% damage boost for 5 seconds.

3 seconds cooldown.
Spiked Armor.png
Spiked Armor
25 Deals 2000 damage to enemies that hit you.
Ruins of Brightholme
Explosive Exchange.png
Explosive Exchange
26 Deals 2500 damage to all nearby enemies when you switch weapons.

3 seconds cooldown.
Thor Module.png
Thor Module
26 Towers emit a shockwave dealing 1250 damage to nearby enemies when they kill an enemy.

1 second cooldown.
Long Range Superiority.png
Long Range Superiority
27 You deal more damage the further you are from an enemy.

Maximum 50% damage bonus.
Parthian Tactics.png
Parthian Tactics
27 Deal 30% more damage and move 10% faster when at full health.
Desperate Measures.png
Desperate Measures
28 Sets enemies around you on fire when you take damage.
Deals 2500 damage over 3 seconds.

2 seconds cooldown.
29 You deal 100% extra damage for 12 seconds after killing 4 enemies.
Collateral Damage.png
Collateral Damage
30 Killing an enemy causes you to deal 20% more damage for 7.5 seconds.
The Pursuit
Zeus Module.png
Zeus Module
31 Towers deal 1000 extra damage when shooting an enemy.

Only applies to a single random tower, 3 seconds cooldown.
Frightening Visage.png
Frightening Visage
32 Killing an enemy make their buddies think twice before they attack you again.

Thinking twice takes about 6.0 seconds.
32 Deals 20% of damage dealt in an area around an enemy when you hit its weakspot.

Does not deal damage to the enemy whose weakspot you hit.
33 Spawns a shield explorer when you kill a ground enemy.

Maximum 5 explorers.

2 seconds cooldown.
Best Friends Forever.png
Best Friends Forever
33 Spawns 8 shield explorers around the core. If they die they respawn at the start of the building phase.
Tech Junkie.png
Tech Junkie
34 You deal 40% more damage when within 2 grid squares of a tower.
Armor Shredder.png
Armor Shredder
35 Your shots ignore enemy armor.
The Last Stand
36 Killing an enemy will grant you a disposable SiMo unit.

You can only control one disposable SiMo unit.
37 Killing an enemy with a weakspot hit adds the overkill damage to your next weakspot hit.
Hydra Blood.png
Hydra Blood
38 HP regeneration increased by 100%.

HP regeneration delay decreased by 50%.
Steady Aim.png
Steady Aim
38 Standing still increases damage by 5% every second while standing still.

Max 50% damage increase.
Spray 'N Pray.png
Spray 'N Pray
39 Decreases accuracy.

Increases damage by 40%.
Biological Warfare.png
Biological Warfare
39 Killing an enemy with a weakspot hit leaves a poison cloud that applies a poison DoT to enemies that go through it.

Lasts 5 seconds.

Cooldown 5 seconds.
Upper Class.png
Upper Class
40 Increases damage up to 75% depending on how far above the enemy you are.
Warming Up.png
Warming Up
40 Not hitting an enemy in the weakspot adds 12% to your weakspot multiplier.

Stacks up to 10 times.

Each stack lasts for 15 seconds.
The Doctor Is In.png
The Doctor Is In
41 Killing an enemy will heal you for 10 HP and allies within 1 grid squares for 5 HP.
Dicey Shootin'.png
Dicey Shootin'
42 Each shot fired has a 50% chance to missfire, dealing no damage. Successful shots deal 250% damage.
Khronos Device.png
Khronos Device
43 You can't be slowed.
Head Start.png
Head Start
44 The first shot in a mag deals massive damage.

Community perk by 94Connor949.
Radioactive Core.png
Radioactive Core
45 Deals 250 damage per second to enemies near the core.
Area of effect increases the more damaged the core is.

Community perk by 94Connor949.
Hold your Fire.png
Hold your Fire
46 You gain 20% more damage each second you don't deal damage.

Max 100%.

Community perk by 94Connor949.
Concussion Rounds.png
Concussion Rounds
47 Critical hits over 2500 in damage stuns the enemy for 2 seconds.

12 seconds cooldown.

Community perk by Azrik.
Limiter Removal.png
Limiter Removal
48 Press USE to boost tower damage by 50% for 10 seconds.
Afterwards the tower is disabled for the remainder of the wave.

Community perk by ChrisH36.
Blaze of Glory.png
Blaze of Glory
49 When your health is reduced to 1 HP you instantly recover 75% HP and deal 5000 damage to close enemies.
45 second cooldown.

Community perk by Team Badass.
50 Moving increases damage by 5% per second.
Max 50% damage increase.

Community perk by Team Badass.