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Base Game Maps
Introduction.png Park.png
Bio Lab.png The Gate.png
Rocky Fields
Construction Site.png Comm Tower.png
Cliff Lodge.png Outpost.png
Giant Trees
Train Station.png Canopy.png
Roadworks.png Abandoned Lab.png
The Depths.png The Labyrinth.png
The Wilderness.png The End.png
DLC Maps
Coastline (Road to Elysion DLC)
Cluster.png The Smasher.png
Jellyfish Cove.png Laser Bridge.png
Brightholme (Ruins of Brightholme DLC)
Shortcut.png The Slums.png
Power Relay.png SOKOL.png
Outskirts (The Pursuit DLC)
Dam.png Field.png
Bog.png Last Chance.png
Arc Islands (The Last Stand DLC)
Below Arc.png Arc.png
Radar.png The Last Stand.png