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Base Health: 7,500
Speed: Slow
Armor: Infinite

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hoverer has a large, armored shield on its front which nullifies all damage. Only its back is vulnerable to attacks, which makes it difficult for most turrets to damage it. It attacks with a large pulse originating from its body that pushes far away all players in range. The Hoverer is not actively aggressive, it will not actively target and chase players or stray from its path and will attack only if a player gets close. While the knockback from a Hoverer's attack will mean you generally only see it attack once at a time, it can actually attack very rapidly, and is a signficiant threat to the core if allowed to get too close.

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

Tower Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Drone towers ignore armor, making them highly effective against Hoverers.
  • Hoverers can activate and be damaged by Mines. If a Hoverer breaks through the main maze, a mine laid near the end is a good way of finishing them off. A player can also simply lay a mine in front of the Hoverer and escape before being blown away by its attack.
  • Lightning and Scatter Laser towers are viable towers to damage Hoverers with, though even these do not damage Hoverers at a significant rate.
  • Focus towers can reliably kill Hoverers. Even if they hit their invulnerable front the Hoverer will eventually expose its back and by then the Focus tower will have already reached its maximum power being able to at least cause significant damage to the lume.
  • Mind Control Spire towers will simply stun a Hoverer for its mind control period, it will not cause it to attack other lumes, nor will other lumes attempt to attack it.

Player Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • The Hoverer's weakspot is on its back.
  • Before they can attack, the Hoverer must first turn to face the player. Players can intentionally provoke Hoverers and keep walking forward to lessen the knockback's strength.
    • This can be exploit by approaching from a direction that causes the Hoverer to turn its back to a turret as it attacks, rendering it more vulnerable to turret fire.
  • Players should place priority on taking down Hoverers before other creatures due to the inability of most towers to damage Hoverers effectively.
  • Approaching Hoverers can slow down their progress since they must stop moving to attack, although the players will usually be blown very far away. G-2 serves as a good distraction for this purpose.
  • Large explosions, such as those boosted by the Long Range Specialization perk, can easily damage Hoverers even when not aimed at the weakspot.
  • Frightening Visage does not affect hoverers, implying their attack is more of a passive response rather than an act of aggression.