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Campaign[edit | edit source]

Campaign is the main story mode of Sanctum 2. Players unlock new maps in order by clearing unlocked maps. In the process, a story is presented in comic book-style pages. To clear a map, players must keep the core alive for a preset number of enemy waves. If the core is destroyed, the map is considered to be failed and the players must start again at Wave 1. After a map is unlocked, it can be played in any game mode.

Players are granted experience points based on how many enemies were killed after the map is completed. Failing the map will still grant experience, albeit less than a cleared map.

Campaign can be enhanced with Feats of Strength, which create new challenges for the player and reward success with extra experience.

Easy Mode[edit | edit source]

Easy Mode is identical to Campaign, but Enemies have less base health and move somewhat slower. Feats of Strength cannot be turned on in this mode. Completing maps on Easy Mode will unlock the next map for all modes.

Survival[edit | edit source]

Survival is an "endless mode:" there is no wave limit and a game can only end in defeat. Success is measured by the number of waves endured before defeat.

At first, the player encounters the same set of waves they would encounter in Campaign mode, with no Feats of Strength. Every four waves, a random Feat of Strength is activated. After the final wave in the set is cleared, the set repeats from the beginning and the rank of every enemy is increased by 1 (e.g., after clearing Wave 6 on Park, Wave 7 becomes the next wave, which is identical to Wave 1, but with higher-ranking enemies). The increase in rank is indicated by the addition of a "+" to the end of the enemy's name. A higher enemy rank grants the enemy increased maximum health, making it much more difficult to kill.

Once the game is over, players are rewarded with experience points based on how many enemies were killed, and how many Feats of Strength were activated.

The Leaderboards are accessible through the main menu and the Escape menu. These record the top Survival scores for each map.

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

Sandbox is almost identical to Survival, although the player is allowed control over the following parameters:

  • Enemy base health (50-400%)
  • Tower resources gained per wave (50-2000%)
  • Tower bases gained per wave (50-400%)
  • 15-tower limit (on or off)

Sandbox is meant for testing game mechanics, trying out new strategies, tailoring a survival game to your taste or skill level, or simply just for fun and relaxation.

Sandbox scores are ineligible for the Leaderboards and no experience is awarded due to the possibility that players can give themselves an overwhelming advantage.