Elysian Archives

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Elysian Archives
Elysian Archives.jpg

The Elysian Archives was a supplementary website set up by Coffee Stain Studios to provide extra background information for Sanctum 2. However, the website can no longer be accessed directly (access via internet archiving services such as https://archive.com/ is still possible). Previously, to access the information, users would input codes that can be found on various maps throughout the game.

Archive Link Archive 1 Archive 2 Archive 3 Archive 4 Archive 5 Archive 6 Archive 7 Archive 8
Code J542FD56 6XK56SD8 52DG7DF2 JF58FTR5 DJ53454H DF56SFD4 F4JG54GH 546DKKD4
Location Park Bio Lab Construction Site Comm Tower Cliff Lodge Outpost Train Station Roadworks