Construction Site

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Construction Site.png
Map Name
Construction Site
Region Stage Number
Rocky Fields << 2 - 1 >>
Starting Resources Resources per Wave Total Resources
300 300 3300
Tower Bases in Field Starting Tower Bases Total Tower Bases
0 10 60

General Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Use towers that focus on single enemies but can deal high damage.

Best Loadout[edit | edit source]

Sweet Autumn #1 (Level 40)[edit | edit source]

5 Feats of Strength

You can use this combination to survive with 5 Feats of Strength enabled, with 0 damage to yourself, and very little damage to the core without using any Perks that protects or heals the core.


BEST CHOICE: Sweet. Burning bonus of 4% of original damage over 6 seconds = 24% bonus per enemy. You can get through this map with 0 damage to yourself on 5 Feats of Strength.

Reasons why the other characters aren't as good:

  1. Haigen: Dies too often, since you have to get within 2 grid squares to get the 35% damage bonus.
  2. Skye: Too many swarms to effectively take advantage of stacks of 2% damage.
  3. SiMo: Not enough weakspot hits with this weapon set.
  4. TSYGAN: Unreliable bonus damage, depending on if your enemy dies before your projectile hits.


1. Drone Launcher

  • Automatic target-seeking. With Tactical Juxtaposition, you get 12 rounds before reloading, so it'll randomly seek out its targets.
  • Great against:
    • Armoured Heavy (45,000HP) - drones skip armor.
    • Hoverer (11,250HP) - directional armor doesn't apply to drones.
    • Soaker (225,000HP) - combined with Sweet's burning, the damage stacks up very quickly.

2. Voltaic Hand Cannon:

  • Primary Fire is good when enemies come at your in a direct line because it penetrates enemies (example: hordes of Walkers.
  • Secondary Fire automatically seeks targets.
    • Secondary Fire is great against every enemy type.
    • Does 1000 base damage (1500 with a perk), so it's even good against armored enemies.


  1. Anti-Air: Build a single Level 3 Anti-Air tower, and it'll take care of all the Spitflies for you. Leave its targeting as "DEFAULT".
  2. Violator: High-damage single-target tower. Set its target priority to "MAX HEALTH".
  3. Amp Spire: Good for boosting the cluster of Violators.
  4. Lightning: Build 2 near each spawn point. Set its initial priority to "MAX HEALTH", but once Armoured Heavy spawns, change its priority to "LOWEST HEALTH" so it can focus on the smaller Snorkers (2,250HP) instead, which are each killed with a single shot.


  1. Core Guardian/Long Range Superiority/Upper Class: +50% Damage when you meet the satisfied condition.
I prefer not to use Steady Aim because some rounds (those with Walkers) usually benefit from you lining up your shots with the Voltaic Hand Cannon's Primary Fire mode, which penetrates enemies.
  1. Reinforcements: Spawns a shielded explorer every time you kill an enemy, at 3-second cooldown intervals. Up to 5 explorers can exist at any one time.
  2. Tactical Juxtaposition: +20% DPS, x2 the number of rounds per clip and x2 firing rate = makes weapons better at seeking out targets when you have a swarm.


Pretty much just stand on top or in front of the core, and keep firing guided projectiles: Primary Fire of Drone Launcher and Secondary Fire of Voltaic Hand Cannon. If any enemy comes out of your maze, switch to Primary Fire of Voltaic Hand Cannon for faster, penetrating shots.

Build Order[edit | edit source]

Wave 1

  • Build an anti-air tower near the middle of the nearest row, and upgrade it to Level 3.
  • Walls: cover the entire nearest row, but leave the extreme right side open as an exit.

Wave 11

  • Sell your lightning towers and use the rest of the money to buy Violators.