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Base (Sanctum 2).png

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tower Bases block enemy routes to the core. Players should use these to create elaborate mazes to keep the enemies away from the core.
  • Tower Bases cost no resources to build. Instead, they have their own resource, which is granted to the player in between waves.
  • Towers must be constructed on top of Bases.
  • Tower Bases can be transferred to other players directly by aiming at them and by holding down the secondary fire button.
  • During Survival, after a certain point, players are no longer granted Bases. They will still earn resources in between waves.
  • There is NO penalty for recycling bases without towers in them while the hardcore feat is active.
  • Note that recycling a base will also recycle the tower housed on it if there is one.
  • Jumpers can leap over single tower bases, even if a tower is built on top. However, they cannot leap over two tower bases built adjacent to each other, which should form a wall two bases thick.
  • On rare occasions the Walker Warrior may leap over the tower base if the player leads them to a base adjacent to an "open" space, where the players can cross, but lumes would normally ignore, resulting in it ignoring most of the maze built.
  • Rhinos will accelerate to very high speeds on straight lines, about as fast as Runners, so creating a maze with twists and turns is highly recommended to prevent them from speeding through towers and reaching the core prematurely.