Assault Rifle

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Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle.png
Primary Fire Secondary Fire
Damage 180 1250
Shots per Second 10.0 1.0
Magazine Size 36 2
Damage per Second 1800 1250
Sustained Fire Time
3.6 2.0
Weakspot Modifier 0.50 0.10

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

  • The trigger can simply be held down for an extremely fast rate of fire. The weapon is affected by recoil, so the user's aim must be constantly adjusted.

Secondary Fire[edit | edit source]

  • The secondary fire launches a grenade that explodes on impact. The explosion deals damage according to the distance of the target from the center of the explosion. The grenade is hugely affected by gravity, i.e., it has a tendency to hit well lower than the target aimed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Assault Rifle is the primary weapon of Skye Autumn
  • This weapon is unlocked at rank 20 for all characters to use as a secondary weapon.
  • The secondary fire can be used to achieve a small 'rocket jump' by simultaneously jumping and launching a grenade downwards.
  • Using the secondary fire with only a few rounds left in the magazine is an efficient way to use your ammo.
  • In addition, to avoid the secondary fire's long cool-down animation: press your secondary fire button while still holding down your primary fire (default: left mouse button); then, release the primary fire to launch the secondary-fire's grenade. After firing, you can instantly switch weapons. This also works for other weapons, particularly those with a high ammo cost of their secondary fire, such as the ETK-Tesla Prototype or the Sub Mini-Gun.